November 20, 2019

Search Institute has identified five elements—expressed in 20 specific actions—that make relationships powerful in young people’s lives. We refer to this as the developmental relationships framework.


Ten Ways to Connect With Children and Teen in Your Church!

October 28, 2019

One of the most important factors in
determining whether youth stay in the church is whether they have strong relationships with at least
five non-related members of the congregation. How
can you be one of those people to the children and teens in your church?

190901 faith formation.jpg

October 14, 2019

Pastor Adam's sermon series in September 2019 has its roots in Laura and Robert Keeley's Building Blocks of Faith, a concept being used by the Christian Reformed Church to shape the faith formation of its members.  Click the link below for a summary of these four building blocks.


Re-framing Adult - Youth Relationships 

November 20, 2019

If relationships are so important, why doesn't society really invest in them?


October 21, 2019

The toolkit contains dozens of exciting ideas and practices to help families grow in faith together. And many of these ideas are from Christian Reformed churches like yours! Be sure to read the summary first!


What Age Segregation Does to America

October 28, 2019

From grade schools to senior villages, we now spend much of our lives on separate generational islands. Can we reverse the trend?


October 21, 2019

e. Family faith formation is a journey, not a destination, and growing in faith is an adventure, not a checklist. Along that journey, there will be moments of discovery and joy, hard times, and times of confusion. But your guide on this adventure is none other than the Holy Spirit—so embrace the journey!



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