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September 11 through Mid-December

The Narrative Lectionary is a cycle of readings that follow the sweep of the biblical story, from Creation through the early Christian church. We'll spend time in the Old Testament and follow Israel's story chronologically. These stories tell of hope and disappointment, suffering and redemption, and – most importantly – the actions and character of our God.

Experiences in Nicaragua: Different Kinds of Hunger

When I was in Nicaragua, I didn’t see hunger. At least, not how you’d expect. I didn’t see starving people, flies buzzing around animal carcasses, or anything resembling those infomercials that I flip by quickly and guiltily while channel surfing. I did see need though: need for education, need for better roads, and, most notably in the light of World Hunger Sunday, need for clean water. Fundación San Lucas (a mission partner with World Renew) is working toward connecting communities with access to reliable, clean water. To partner with San Lucas, the communities must demonstrate their need objectively, and the communities also play the largest role in the implementation and upkeep of the water projects. One community that we visited while... continue reading


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